The dating application.

Find your soulmate.

1.We recommend you to pass a psychological test at the registration. This test determines the expectations and aspirations with respect to which the program will select the most compatible partner for you. The test, this algorithm of factors evaluation, is what distinguishes this application from other Apps for dating. However, if you decide not to pass the test at the registration you can do it later by clicking on the respective menu option.

2.Please note that you must fill all the parameters of demographic characteristics, it is necessary because by these you will be found by other users. Otherwise you will not be able to register.

3.3.There are other dating services, where the search for the pair is carried out on a test basis, these tests work according to the principle of semantic differential, however, the validity and reliability of such methods are doubtful as the results are never reported. We use an approved Volkova method – the role expectations and aspirations test, which is time-proven, justified and widely used by family therapists, because not everyone knows that determination of potential family malfunctions is a complicated technique. Moreover, you see the results of the evaluation system, the ratios and interpretation, and you do not have to pay for using this system, as well as for the selection of a partner, as they demand on some commercial sites. That is the Concept developed by the Project creators.

4.Also, our Concept include that we discourage married people from performing activity on dating sites. We don’t want our users either to be deceived, or meet married people and start seeing them. In addition one of the main advantages of our service is that we check the users in order to identify married persons and warn our target users. Before registration please read the psychologist's advice on how to determine whether a person is married or not. We developed the "This man is in marriage" function. If you get acquainted with a man or a woman who says that he or she is married or it is found out by the style of communication, please click on the special Button. The exclamation point will appear in the account of this man or woman and other users will be conscious of this fact. Re-registering is impossible as the registration is tied to a user’s IP address, and the Application is only for the mobile devices. Please be honest with each other, as well as with your wives and husbands, and please do not misuse both the App and the Button.

5.Dear girls, in search of your future husband, be vigilant. Be sure a man you found can be trusted, do not agree to meet for the first time in questionable and deserted places, choose ordinary public places (Cinema, cafes, etc.). Also ignore proposals for the "highly paid" work in Eastern Europe, Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well as other dubious proposals.