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Find your soulmate.


1.OnlineHappy - is a mobile dating app, the distinguishing feature of which is that the search of the pair is carried out on the basis of psychological compatibility of men and women. For this purpose, we use the approved method - the Role Expectations and Aspirations test by Volkova (the REA). Many people believe that the compatibility should be determined by virtue of the zodiac signs, but it is a non-scientific approach because there is no direct relation between human relationship and the month of birth. It came up to astrologistss to charge money from people for nothing. The developers of this App adhere exclusively non-esoteric scientific approach to building a relationship, based on psychology. Nowadays the institute of Family endures a crisis, which is confirmed by a large number of divorces, and this ratio is very shifting. In addition, such separations may happen unexpectedly, for example, after six months of marriage. The Developers consider that two people at the beginning of their communication have to understand the possible malfunction of their potential relationship that might affect the durability of the marital union. Thus the Application will find you a match that is most suitablefor you and will indicate the aspects of the family life that may become a problem for you and your partner. Remember that the Family is in a certain sense a complex work, and perfect marriages exist only in movies. We stand for honesty in a relationships. We suggest that married people do not use this Application. To detect them, we have developed a special Button: if a person tells you that he(she) is married, just click on this Button and the exclamation mark will appear on his(her) page, and in such a way, other people will know that he or she is an unreliable person. If you are tired of marriage, it is not necessary to seek comfort on dating sites. You should either try to establish a relationship with a spouse or divorce, and then begin making acquaintances. You can’t register in the App twice because your account is bound to your IP-adress. Such restrictions are done due to the fact that it is very important to determine defects in our product, we don’t want people to deceive others and perform misrepresentation. In the App we have given some guidance on the detection of married men and women, as statistics show the presence of married people on dating sites among single users. Good luck to you all. Hopefully, you will quickly find a couple for a long-term durable relationship.

We recommend to pass the test at the registration, otherwise the application will not be able to search a match for you by virtue of The REA method. However, you can use the application as an ordinary dating service and search for a partner by demographic characteristics.